1. Study of rectification :

(a) Full wave rectification
(b) Half wave rectification
(c) Bridge rectification

2. Study of ac component : (Ripples)

(a) Efficiency of various type of filters L, p, T type etc. (Ripples)
(b) The effect of load
(c) The effect of regulation

3. Regulation characteristics:

(a) The effect of load on regulation
(b) The effect of change in main’s voltage

4. Electronic Load: To darw the load current smoothly


The Set-up consists of a step-down transformer, a rectifier circuit (can be used as a half-wave or a full-wave rectifier), a filter circuit (an inductance and two capacitors) - the arrangement can be used for the study of various configuration of filters and a regulator circuit.A built-in electronic load is used to smoothly vary the laod current while a digital panel meter on the board measures the load current and load voltage


Output : 0-12 volts
Max. Current : 200 mA
Regulation : 1%
Metering : Output Voltage/ Current on teh switchable DPM

The experimental set-up is complete in all respect, except a CRO


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