The experimental set-up consists of the following
  • Diodes: Rectifier-4007 (Si), Signal diode-1N34 (Ge), Zener 5.1V and LED
  • 3½ digit DPM which can measure voltage (0-20V)
  • Suitable precision resistances are provided for the measurement of forward current, Reverse current, in the range of 10nA to 200mA
  • IC regulated variable power supply (0-12V)

The experimental set-up is complete in all respect.

The following studies may be carried with this set-up
  • Forward and reverse characteristics of Ge, Si diodes and LED’s
  • Study of Zener diode characteristics

"The above experimental set-up has been laid down on a decorated bakelite board with an aim of providing an easy understanding to the students. All components are well spread out for clarity and easy repairs and replacement. The set-up is provided with a booklet, which contains its detailed theory of operation, description, specifications, suggestions and discussion on the various experiments that may be performed with it."

The set-up is provided with a booklet which contains its theory of operation, description, suggestions and discussion of the experiments that may be performed with it.


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