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Silicon Valley Science Labs is based in Saratoga CA, USA (Silicon Valley) and started by entrepreneurs with long history in developing and deploying products in the high technology arena in Optical Networking, DWDM, Telecom Real Time System software and in Instrumentation. Currently the team is involved in developing instruments and setup for Lab Experiments to transfer the knowledge in this arena into the students in Universities and Colleges.

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Digital Gaussmeter - DGM-103 Resistivity of Semiconductors Study of a Basic Operational Amplifer, Type - 741 D.C. Speed Control, - DCS-01
12262 Goleta Avenue, Suite 121, Saratoga CA 95070. Tel: +1 408-230-9381, Fax: +1 (408) 898-4863, E-mail: info@svslabs.com
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